DENBA HEALTH Sino-Japanese Health Industry Exchange Expo 


Sino-Japanese Health Industry Exchange Fair was held in China this year. More than 500 people gathered for DENBA HEALTH and many of our partner agencies and loyal customers in China and Japan enjoyed their experience and it was a great success. We received many responses from everyone beyond in their twenties, thirties, fifties, and 80s, who have all been touched by our products. DENBA HEALTH was developed so that it can be used for people based on DENBA's unique water activating technology. China being the largest consumer in health and beauty was the first market we wanted to establish our product in to increase people's awareness. Survey results by China Cosmetic Surveying Institute and China Bureau of Statistics state the size of the cosmetic medical industry exceeds 550 billion yuan (about 9 trillion yen) in 2015, and estimate the industry size to reach 1 trillion yuan (about 17 trillion yen) by 2019, exceeding Brazil, the world's second largest beauty and health consumer. 90% of the consumers in China's domestic skin care market are made up of women between the ages of 18 to 40. As a result, the need for health and beauty services have been increasing dramatically recently. The Chinese government plans to grow the fitness market to about 85 trillion yen by 2025.


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